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Default New hamster boy, so yay?

A week ago today, one of my boys, Jak, passed away. It was unexpected but I'm okay with it. These things happen and while I miss him, I'd rather he not suffer if something was really wrong. Plus I still have my other two boys, Daxter and Raz, so I'm good.

Though now it would seem I just got a trio again. A friend of mine knew that I have hamsters and recently lost one. So she asked me if I would be willing to adopt the one she tried giving to her son. Apparently it wasn't going so well because as she put it 'the little asshole either bites me, my son or the cage. He won't do anything else. If he draws blood one more time, I'm gonna feed him to the cat.'

Now I doubt that she would actually go through with that but Little Shit, and yes that was his name, had to go. So it was either I take him or he goes back to the pet shop. I figured that I was the lesser of two evils, so now I have a new member of the family. Who has been officially been renamed Jaeger, for being such a little fighter.

I wasn't planning on getting another hamster so soon or getting one this aggressive. And yes, he does try and bite everything. I know it's the stress of a move and maybe a bit of his personality but still, I'm not even gonna pick him up without gloves for the next month. As I tell people, I'm crazy not stupid.
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