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Cool Re: Clive

I moved Clive from the Samla into the Alaska and he threw a major tantrum in response.

I kept the set up similar but did one thing very wrong and oh boy, did he let me know.
I replaced his sand in a bon bon jar with a smaller, sand filled corner toilet. My reasoning was that since he's a Syrian he only needs a potty.

Clive disagreed.
He raced around and bulldozed the place and then actually went behind the corner toilet and tipped it over!!
He climbed out of the cage quicker than i could catch him and run to the playground sandpit chucking most of the sand out!

So i put his sand jar back in, caught Clive and put him back in his cage. He was still mad and chewed the bars while i was in the room, waking poor Jack up, but calmed when i left the room. He was in his house when i went back to check on him a little while later.

There are a number of things i learnt today.
Clive is quick and knows how to express himself. I can pick him up and he doesn't bite unlike what i was told. He has a temper. Which leaves one question:

Where is the timid and shy hamster?
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