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Question Afraid of playpen...please advise

I don't get it... my little girl sometimes wants out of her tank. I know she does because she'll try to get to the top or dig out. I rearranged my room so I could free roam her and she hated it. Even when I put down a tone of stuff that smelled of her and lots of hides and treats she still just didn't seem to like it. I did it every night for two weeks hoping she'd acclimate.

Eventually I caved and made her a playpen. I'd heard that she may feel too exposed while free roaming so hoped the pen would work. I've left it up and haven't rearranged it since just to add a sense of normallacy. Her extra everything is in there. Toys hides sand box wheel treats toys a blanket with lots of hidey wrinkles...even some of her used bedding. It's been a week and she still just goes crazy running corner to corner or trying to escape. I even cover the corners so she doesn't feel exposed but.....

Am I doing this wrong? Scaring her? Should I go on? Any advice helps.

BTW she's very tame and not easy to frighten soooo.
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