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Default Re: Losing fur on belly

Originally Posted by Lilafernim View Post
Again, I am no expert, but if you did a full clean out maybe thatís caused him stress and itís a result of that, or I remember you said where you are it was hard to get paper substrate so perhaps the brand you have might be dusty or cause allergy. As Ria said, thatís what I meant when I said it didnít look awful as it doesnít look inflamed or like heís been scratching at it which doesnít make me think itís something bad or infected. Probably an environment thing but I really am not sure.

Thank you Ria for replying as well as I'm not sure the best diet mix of a dwarf hamster! Iíve just heard diet can influence fur loss before. As Ria said also you could put the water bowl on a flat surface or if you have a pet shop of any sort near you, you could get a drinking bottle and then paper canít get in either. If heís only ever used a bowl though make sure just to use your finger to dab the bottle and show him itís wet so he understands thatís where he can get water from.
I don't know. I've used the same brand for a long time, but now the main difference is that he's sleeping outside and hasn't covered his 'nest' up and I can clearly see him. Before he was sleeping in the house.
I have a drinking bottle, but I've never seen him use it. I feel safer with water bowl, because I've seen him drinking from there.
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