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Default Losing fur on belly

it's me again with another health concern. I am possibly the worst hamster owner ever or have had kind of bad luck.
My hamster has less hair on his upper chest than he did in the summer.

I apologise for the picture quality of the second picture, but he was moving and he doesn't like being on his back at all.
I tried to take a decent picture, but I literally scared him with forcing him to be on his back. He no longer came to my hand. (He usually always comes to me and to my hand whenever I'm close to him or put my hand in his cage or play pen. He was hiding from me for awhile, but I managed to get him home safely from his play pen). He even peed and pooped on me and I don't know how long I tried to get a decent picture for you.

In Summer only the left side of his chest was pink but now the whole chest seems to be pinkish.

The vet told me to keep an eye on that. I don't want to take him to the vet now, because it's windy and cold. Like really cold or should I still do it? How do I keep him warm? I am afraid he'll get sick.

Other than that he has been behaving normally, except now he's ignoring me, but I hope I'll get his trust and love back.

Does anybody have any experiences? I googled "dwarf hamster tummy" and other things, but all the other hamsters had fur. He's my first hamster and I don't know what they should exactly look like.

I don't know how old he is.

Edit: He also scratches himself, but I haven't seen any bugs or anything.

Edit edit: Found an exotic vet in my city. Booked the time and will go in February.

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