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Default Re: Syrian hamster excessive drinking and urination

Hello! The same thing happened to my previous hamster. I also rescued him, he was peeing/drinking a lot. But he was active at first. He became slow later one day, and passed away in 3 days. His excessive urination caused the fungus in one corner of the cage, which I didn’t notice and still can’t forgive myself. The fungus caused respiratory infection.
What I didn’t know about him from the previous owner - he was diabetic! That’s the reason for peeing and drinking. So you have to change his diet, take out everything that might be sweet, like carrots for example. There also should be special diabetic foods. Now i buy little one’s diabetic mix for dwarfs. And don’t overfeed. That peeing and drinking is 100% his previous poor diet result, and maybe the sudden change is also affecting him. Just eliminate sweets, and visit a vet asap.
In terms of slowing down, be careful. Yes it might be age, but it depends. Was he slow from the very first day you took him? You mentioned that previous owner has kept his cage dirty, urine everywhere. Maybe the fungus was there already? If it’s more than 3-4 days since than - maybe nothing to worry about. Just keep an eye on urine, and clean it immediately.
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