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Default Re: "I'll never get a dwarf..."

Aw I can see what you say about Spirit when I look at the photos He looks so keen and chilled at the same time. I lovely furball. And such an interesting colour. Tinsel's colour is interesteing too and I almost thought he was a robo at first with the colouring.

I remember you saying your last hamster was your last! Very pleased you have another one - they do bring joy don't they?

I'm not sure what you mean about height things. But I was a bit nervous about having a robo in a cage about that height so tweaked it so there's less height by putting cardboard round the inside and deeper bedding - and a few roof blockers. One is a very large fuzzbutts hammock - which he is not supposed to be able to get up to - attached near the roof. This was partly to make it cosier inside so not so exposed and partly so - if he did manage to climb to the roof and monkey bar, he couldn't fall from the top. And didn't have so far underneath if he jumped off it. That still left a gap where he could land on a piece of cork which is not that soft, so I hung an egg box hammock over that - next to the hammock and high enough he couldn't get into it. Or so I thought! He can get into it from the shelf quite easily and has used both the hammock and the fleece to get from one side of the cage to the other! But at least it still reduces the cage height!
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