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Default "I'll never get a dwarf..."

Hi all,

Elusive mod here! I've been without a hammy over a year now and had quite settled on probably never owning one again.

My ratty group has got back up to a healthy 8, and 4 are teenagers so I certainly have my hands full! I was getting a bit broody for a hammy so I applied to be a fosterer with the RSPCA and was approved.

A few weeks ago, two campbells were dropped off to me in tiny plastic tanks. I instantly felt drawn to the larger of the two, unsure why.

I moved them both into a savic cambridge, deeper bedding, sandbaths, wooden items and larger wheels.

The smaller of the two was a total wheel junkie but when I tried to free range him he froze up. He doesn't like to be touched much but I continue to work with him. Hoping he finds a forever home soon, he'd be a lovely watch pet in a large tank with lots to explore. He can be found on the below link

TINSEL - Find a pet -

The other, you have probably already guessed I failed at fosteing! Even before I tried to handle him, he made me smile so much. He's a large,somewhat lazy lad. He adores the sand bath and was so friendly. I accidently handled him as I had him out on the bed between my legs free ranging, when he ran up my jumper and just splatted! He doesn't mind being handled at all and has such an odd sleep pattern. He gets up whenever I say hi and has brought me so much joy they past few weeks! He's my little buddy

I kept his name, Spirit. He was taken in around Christmas and the name has a personal meaing to me also.

I happened to find an alaska just 3 minutes from me at £20 and I have been sent lots of lovely treats and hides from hammy friends (including our very own Luna) to get me started on my dwarf journey! I am still not used to how tiny he is and will be starting to set up the larger cage soon. With so much change I didnt want to rush it and i'm not quite used to judging how high things can be yet!

I have got dwarf bunny expert to try him on as well as some rodipet. I have mixed them together at present with a little bit of the harry hamster he has been on.

He is a dominant spot I believe and he is like a little rug! I havent any idea how old he is and having never had dwarfs not used to guessing. Im also unsure about his weight. When he was taken in he weighed 49g but increased to 70g in just two weeks while at the rpsca which suggested to me he was under weight maybe. He is double the size of the other foster and im going to weigh him shortly but wondering if he is just a larger boy or he is severely over weight

Anyway, here are a few photos from my IG (because I have far too much modding to do obviously than to sit resizing and uploading )

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Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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