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Default Re: Getting empty tank syndrome lol.

Well as of empty tank will be empty no longer !

Had an emergency phone call from a friend of mine tonight saying that her little girl's two 10 week dwarf hamsters have already started squabbling after she bought them a week ago for her daughter's, knowing that I had an empty tank ready and waiting to go she asked if I would like one for I said yes as the little ones are quite young still.

She wasn't 100% sure on the sex of both of the hamsters, so it's probably a good thing that they are being separated - but her daughter has come up with the names Minnie and Minx from the Beano comics lol.

So I have been frantically getting everything ready and set up for my new little one tomorrow and a little carry case sorted for picking him/her up after I finish work tomorrow afternoon.

I did warn my friend not to get two hamsters due to this very reason - so I think she's learnt her lesson from this lol.

Will update tomorrow as to which one I bring home!

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