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Exclamation Syrian hamster excessive drinking and urination

Hi, i recently rescued a male syrian hamster which is almost 2 years old (i wasn't told his exact age apart from that he's almost 2) just over 1 week ago, he was in really poor conditions, a tiny cage, wood shavings, no wheel, not even being fed hamster food because the owners said they couldn't be bothered to buy more, and all his sawdust was covered in urine and faeces, he did however have water which is the one good thing.

He has settled in really well but im concerned about him. He finishes his whole bottle of water in 2 days (a 140 ml bottle) which to me seems a little too fast for a hamster to be finishing when i have another hamster which drinks from a bowl and he doesn't finish it that fast. He then sleeps a lot, and urinates a lot, he had a sand bath and he filled that up with urine in just one day so i've changed the sand from that to paper towel and his paper bedding as that's less expensive than changing that sand every day since he doesn't even use the sand to bath in since he fills it with urine, he also gets one spoon full of food in his bowl and he takes every last piece which i guess is a good thing so he's eating fine. He also walks around extremely slowly as if he's in stuck slow motion but that could be his old age? i've carried out a health check and he seems fine by that but i'm not sure.

i might just be overthinking but i'm just concerned about how much he's drinking and urinating, does anyone have any ideas on what to do?
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