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That sounds very similar to what happened to our one, I think because it’s sibling had died I think the parents may have seen them and presumed they’d both died. So hadn’t come back for Filbert.

I’ll be honest, we never planned on keeping him, but we had to syringe feed them for ages. It’s only recently they’ve been able to feed their self (still struggle to eat bigger seeds like some sunflower seeds). Now it’s the middle of winter here and we’re worried they’ve got used to the warmth in here so would only let them go if we knew the parents would accept them again.

I have heard a story online if someone passing them on to a wildlife rescue and they actually did release back where it originally came from. Ours wasn’t ever that bad though, we figured we’d get it to the point they could fly then release. Now 1 month - 2 months down the line and we still have them. In spring we will let them go though but want to somehow allow an opening so if they want to come back in they can.
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