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Originally Posted by Mayaidi View Post
Thank you for the review. I googled NiteAngel Bigger World cage. It looks really good. I just have a question. How many hamsters can live in the cage at the same time?
I wouldn't recommend keeping more than one hamster in any cage. Unless you are keeping two dwarf hamsters and have experience with them.

Syrians and Chinese hamsters are solitary. Never keep them together.

Russian Campbell's, Winter whites, and Robovorskis can sometimes be kept in pairs but unless you have two of everything, two wheels, two water bottles, lots and lots of hides, they can fight at any time and seriously hurt each other. The only way I would keep a pair is from a breeder who could tell me which of the littermates got along and never chased by each other away from food etc. To have the best chance of success.

In the wild if a hamster doesn't like another hamster they can move and not get in each other's way. In captivity, it heavily depends on the personality of the hamsters to make sure they can get along. They can't get away from each other.

It's cheaper to have two cages than to pay for the vet bills if you get it wrong. Others may have different experiences but unless you have two cages ready to go in case of fighting, I wouldn't even attempt it.

As an aside, these are fantastic cages and I hope you continue to do research on the best hamster for you. They are wonderful pets!
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