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Default Sexing a dove

I know this is a hamster forum, and a bizarre place to ask, but I thought maybe someone does have experience with birds here. Iím not really bothered if no one is sure as Iíve read a lot online saying the only sure way to know is with a dna test and I love them either way. I just thought someone might be able to tell through appearance.

Theyíre a Eurasian Collared dove, we got them when it was really windy outside the nest was completely destroyed and itís sibling had died from the fall. We thought maybe male at first so called him Filbert, we did leave him outside for three hours twice to see if the mother would return but never did. So we took him in mustíve been only a few days old.

Now as he has grown we wonder if he is a she and changed her name to jillbert lol, due to her thin neck and flat head. But recently found out bowing and cooing is a male mating call, and I tried to feel the pelvis, it feels round but not 100% sure Iím feeling it right.

Iíll add some pics, any clue would be nice but love them either way, just would be cool to know.
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