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Default Re: Pink Urine/Should I be Concerned?

Originally Posted by Fawnspots View Post
Hello RolyRocks and Sushi 78!
Thank you so much for replying. I will take your advice in remove the beetroot from her food. I actually took Penny (my hamster) to the vet yesterday and he prescribed some antibiotics. I am a little disappointed through because he didn't test the pee or anything, just glanced at it. I am giving her plain yogurt with the antibiotics to keep up her probiotics.
I think as vets can't say for sure whether it's a urinary infection or not, they put them on antibiotics as a precautionary measure. I think it's quite difficult to get a urine sample as they can't test urine on bedding.
I hope Penny is taking the antibiotics ok. Loki, my hamster did not like the taste so I had to disguise it in baby food!
Please let us know how she gets on, fingers crossed her urine will be back to normal colour in no time!
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