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Default Hamster weight and food

Hi so my hamster bean has always enjoyed his food. About 2 months ago he weighed 43g and he was quite fat and I noticed lately hes lost weight and I saw that hes been hiding most of his food without eating it. I weighed him today and hes 21g and I am worried as he is only around 5 months. He is drinking water and he will eat mealworms and food in his cage when I scatter feed but from his bowl he puts it all in his mouth and hides it. Can someone help?
He has also become a lot more active lately and is using his wheel a lot. I have started feeding him more nutritious stuff such as mealworms bad crickets as a treat and he has forage he can find. Can someone tell me if this is something I need to be worried about do I need to get some vitamin solution for him to help him gain weight or take him to the vet?
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