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Default Re: Good cage for my 7 year old niece?

Pets at home usually sell the hamster heaven or hamster sky (same cage). It’s a good starter cage for a Syrian while they’re being tamed and not a bad cage as a main cage for life - most hamsters will be happy living in it and it’s a safe cage for a beginner (not too tall). Providing the penthouse and external tubes aren’t used and they start with a blank cage and just use one shelf. Of the two the Sky is probably better as it has less junk to remove lol!

I see your point about it costing almost as much as the Savic plaza. It’s a shame Zooplus don’t have it as they used to sell it for 50. Incidentally I think it’s more the pandemic that has affected the cages being in stock, rather than just Brexit , as the Savic cages are made in Europe too. Maybe a bit of both.

There is also this 100cm tank style cage. Maxi duna multy. It has gone up in price unfortunately during this pandemic - it used to be 80 to 90. However Amazon have a nearly new on listed for less as well.
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