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Default Re: Gertie had babies!!

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Ooh lovely. Some lucky person is going to have a lovely pedigree dwarf hamster to care for . Or are you keeping them both .
No, i'm not keeping them.

Someone with very good hamster care who adopted from me before is going to have one and the other is going to go up for adoption.

We currently have 10 hamsters, our own 6 and 4 for rehoming so it's a bit busy here and we have a freeroaming queue in the evening. Don't want to over commit myself.

Peppe especially had lots of enquiries but people have unsuitable cages and lack knowledge of proper hamster care.

Someone just approached me and asked me to take in a chinesy but i can't, even though i'd love to.

Both my wardrobe doors are now blocked by hamsters and we can only sit on half the futon. It's so frustrating not to live in a mansion.
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