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Talking Re: Gertie had babies!!

I took the babies out of Gertie's cage yesterday. I think there were 8 not 7 but i lost count when i was looking for the last one and found two. There had been a lot of squeaking and screeching the night before but all was quiet and calm last night.
No doubt, Gertie wanted her space back.

The babies have gone to the hamstery but i kept two because i know someone who has recently lost a dwarf to old age and wants to give one of the babies a lovely home.

I was concerned that at only 3 weeks old being taken away from Gertie and her siblings may be scary for little Nova so i decided to keep another to help her with the transition. Nova is calm when i handle her but Venus squeaks and pees when i pick her up.

I'll give them a few days together and then separate them at around 4 weeks old. Nova will move to her new home in the new year so will be adjusted to living alone and human contact by then.

Venus i'm planning to put up for adoption once she's ready and stops squeaking and peeing on humans.

I offered Gertie out of cage time last night, she came to her door and let me stroke her, took the treats but refused to leave her Hamster Heaven.
She loves the new toy i got her, a woven tunnel with side exits and has been runing on her wheel.

I am very sad that i couldn't keep and rehome the babies myself to become pets because i know that the girls may get used for breeding and then there are the hamster shows but i couldn't have coped with so many babies.
I know that they will be looked after and well cared for but this whole experience turned out to be more emotional than i had anticipated.
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