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Default Re: Gertie had babies!!

The seven babies are going to the hamstery at three weeks old not four.

They are growing, eating and drinking well and Gertie is getting fat. She sits in her ceramic hide a lot and eats too much. With seven growing hamsters about there is always lots of food but Gertie eats a lot of it.

The other day i put a plate of scrambled egg in and a baby sat on it eating. Along comes Gertie and wants the very piece of egg the baby was sitting on. She kept nudging it with her nose but baby ignored her and kept eating. In the end Gertie grabbed the baby's leg and pulled it off the plate!
That wasn't very nurturing of her.

I have a bin cage ready for the babies and the breeder says that i could move the babies now but i want to wait the full three weeks to make sure that everyone has been weaned.
It's hard to tell though. I haven't seen a baby latching on to Gertie for a few days now and sometimes there is a bit of a commotion with loud squeaking inside or behind the house involving Gertie and a baby. Not sure what this is all about.

Once the babies have moved out Gertie needs to get back to some sensible eating and exercise. She doesn't have her wheel just now because it's too heavy and could fall over onto a baby. She doesn't like the flying saucer but the babies have started to have a go on it.

I think i might join Gertie and try sensible eating and exercise myself.
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