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Default Re: Do campbell dwarf hamsters stop biting?

Originally Posted by benjamin0 View Post
i have a campbell dwarf hamster too and i know what you mean, they bite a lot. i think the taming process is apart of what helps them get used to you, or at least that's from what i've read. i would suggest petting them while they eat and practicing feeding them directly from your hand, it should get them to trust your hand. i did that with mine and while they haven't completely stopped biting, they barely bite at all. once they've gotten somewhat used to you, you can try sitting with them in a playpen or in the bathtub (dry of course and you should probably cover the bottom with old blankets because of their pee and poop) and practice holding them or just interacting with them.

as for your scent, i don't know much about that but most taming tutorials i've read have suggested wiping your hands of your scent (wipe your hands with toilet paper). either that or keep washing your hands with the same scented soap before interacting with them so there's some familiarity.
edit: i just remembered that some hamsters get territorial around their food bowls so maybe petting them while they're eating isn't the best idea depending on your hamster.
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