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Default Re: Gertie had babies!!

Reading back, I am really not sure on how to manage things with Gertie and think perhaps there is no right answer in this situatuation, but more a case of how you want to manage things. If this was a planned litter, or one you were keeping, or planning to keep one of the babies - I think you would want to be encouraging Gertie to fulfill all her maternal role in helping the babies grow up in the first few weeks and being a Mother and keeping an eye on them. And actually maybe that is the way to do it, so the babies have the best chance/start in life.

I'm also wondering when they get weaned from the Mother? They could be still feeding from her as well as having general food. So important she doesn't miss out on feeds with them perhaps. Just made me realise I don't know when they get weaned! But yes sexing and separation is 4 to 5 weeks I think.

Do you think you might keep one of the babies? I am just wondering if it might be nice for Gertie.
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