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Default Re: Gertie had babies!!

Oh they’re beautiful! Ria, she was on pregnancy watch and was released as “not pregnant” you would’ve had no idea! I know it’s easy to say sometimes that you wish you would’ve done something different, but looking at the alternative the only way you could’ve known is if you literally disturbed her nest and then that could’ve really freaked her out. Despite the fact there could’ve been more food, there was clearly enough to get them all to this stage and the important thing is you know now.

I know you said you were worried about having another hamster after such losses, so what a shock this must be for you, I couldn’t imagine buying one then ending up with 5 more �� They couldn’t have a better owner to care for them so don’t beat yourself up on what could’ve been done because they’re all alive and well. Wishing you all the luck in the world to continue great care in their growth!
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