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Default Hibernation?

Hello, I had a power cut last night (during snow) and woke up to clean out my hamster. After I couldn’t find her, I thought she had escaped so searched through the bedding. I eventually found her curled up and freezing at the bottom, seemingly asleep. She moved her head and seemed like she was trying to walk so I picked her up and her body seemed stiff and felt cold. I panicked a bit so quickly put her on a hot water bottle and wrapped her in tea towels.
After about half an hour she seems herself again and is no longer cold. I had a situation like this in the past but the hamster sadly died so I have been extra cautious.
She is now in her cage by the radiator and I have made sure she had plenty of food and water.
After some research it seems like she was trying to hibernate? So I was wondering if I did the right thing and also if there are any complications I could expect? Any help would be much appreciated.
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