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Default Re: New Hamster Extremely Anxious

Thank you so much for your advice! I tried the tissue tip and I think it worked! I scatter feed him so whenever Iím in the room he just snuffles about looking for food and glances up at me sometimes but he doesnít freeze as much or run away. Although one day he got up early and I hadnít fed him yet so while he was awake I opened the lid (he lives in the Linnmon cage so the lid is quite heavy and creaks a tiny bit when I open it) and he stood up and froze so I just left him he and then he ran off. I also tried to put a blueberry in one day and he sprinted at my hand because I think I scared him. Apart from that heís doing well, I can get close to the cage and he doesnít freeze as much but I think it will just take a while for him to feel comfortable. Thanks again
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