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Default Re: Hamster chirping

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
Hiding food or hoarding is a natural behaviour. Keeping a hoard is very important to a hamster so they need enough hamster mix to eat and to hoard. They often keep a hoard under or near their nest so they can snack while in their nest.
It keeps them happy and helps them to feel secure.

I wouldn't give a hamster fruit but a small daily amount of cucumber, broccoli, kale etc is fine. Cut it into very small pieces so it will dry up rather than go mouldy should he not eat it all up or hoard it.

As for mealworms. I give our dwarfs a couple of dried mealworms per day.
I've given him whole slices of cucumber. That was kind of stupid, but tbh, I think he eats all of it.
Also, I saw him taking a sandbath. I'm not kidding. He took a sand bath. I saw it with my very own eyes. He was rolling around in it. It made me happy.
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