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Default Re: Burrow full of poop, what can I do?

I'd give Milou a large house with a removable roof if he doesn't have one already because most Syrians will sleep in a house if its big enough.
You could use a shoebox with the base cut out and a big enough door then use the lid as the roof.

Within a house they usually have a toilet corner opposite their nest and one of my boys even chucks his poops out his front door for me to clear up.

It could be that Milou can't create a toilet corner within a burrow because there's no space for it. Disturbing his nest daily to remove the poops will only make things worse i think. Also, their poops aren't smelly so there's no need to remove them so often. Could you not gently pick them off his fur instead? Or brush them off.

Where does he pee? A nest only needs regular cleaning if a hamster pees in it which baby hamsters often do until they grow out of it.
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