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Default NiteAngel Bigger World

I just realized that I didn't see a NiteAngel Bigger World cage review on here and since I have 3 of them, I thought I would do a write up on it.

It comes in 3 sizes (inner dimensions):

Small: 30L x 15W x 17.7H inches (450sq in of floor space)
Medium: 39.4L x 19.7W x 19.7H inches (776sq in of floor space)
Large: 47.2 L x 19.7W x 23.6H inches (930sq in of floor space)

I think you could get away with a small or a medium with a dwarf hamster, the medium for a less picky Syrian, and the large is just awesome for everyone. Not saying you couldn't have a dwarf in a large, just talking minimums and budgets.

Concerns people have:

First, it's too flimsy. This is both true and not true. The individual pieces are very light weight and yes, you could potentially break a piece off if you dropped it the wrong way. However, once this cage is built, it is structurally. sound. The pieces are interlocking like a puzzle so they gain strength from each other. The silicone bands are really just there to hold it together while it's being built and being moved. I don't recommend you move this cage often, without taking it apart.

Second, the rubber bands will break. While you are learning to put them on correctly, yes, they can break. My suggestion is hook them from the top down and pull down to the bottom. NiteAngel gives you a lot of bands to learn with. I have so many bands I don't need now lol and the last two cages I built, I didn't even break one band. You can also easily order replacement bands if you needed. These bands are pretty much perfect replacements and even are slightly bigger so easier to put on if you run out. Which I doubt you would.

Third, that a hamster could chew out of the cage. I have had two females (both of whom like to chew on things to escape) in a NiteAngel cage and neither one as so much as a scratch mark or a nibble. The sides are very smooth, it would be very hard for them to get their teeth ahold of something.


The large size is the biggest non DIY cage in North America, even the medium is bigger than most commercial cages. Also, they are the same dimensions from bottom to top so you get all the space. You can fill the large up a good 10-12 inches and still have room on top for wheels and cork logs etc.

It looks good. People have commented on the look my my cages so many times. I even had one in my living room and it didn't look weird and out of place.

It's so spacious that even my two female Syrians are happy in them. Not saying your mileage might not very but it's a big relief to me to not have to upgrade. It's the first cage, I've had where I didn't feel like I had to choose between bedding depth and having a good sized wheel.

The lid has nice slits for ventilation, I don't have any issues with condensation, smells getting trapped, etc.

Personally, I think the positives outweigh the negatives. They really have suited my hamsters and I don't have hammies going crazy wall climbing all the time and making me stressed with worry about them.

Feel free to ask any questions or post any concerns, I'm happy to answer! I don't currently have a NiteAngel Vista, which is similar, but if I do get one, I'll post a review!
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