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Default Re: Hamster genetics

Soufflé has put an incredible answer to your colour question, and summed it up very well all of the colours which has taught me something today!

I just wanted to add I know you probably know this as you’ve been doing your research, but if you want to breed for profit, pretty much all I’ve ever heard is how people don’t make money by breeding. From what you’ve said I’m super happy you’re considering diseases, I’m not sure for Mexico but to be classed as an ethical breeder here in the uk you need to have a certain number of successful offspring free of hereditary diseases before gaining the title of an ethical breeder. So it can be a lot of work.

This also makes it important to source healthy hamsters to begin with.

Also you have to always check who you’re selling too as well. If I had the knowledge and equipment myself I’d love to do it for the sheer enjoyment of loving hamsters and knowing that you can contribute to a healthy bloodline. Just make sure you know what it entails to be a breeder before starting.
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