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Thank you both 😊 I have come to accept this now Serendipity that it was just her time, the fact she deteriorated so quickly I donít think I couldíve saved her. The only thing I wish is that it happened earlier or progressed slower so I wouldíve at least had gone to the vets and given her the right to go in peace. But it didnít happen like that and I just have to accept that. I think she knew all the way through to the end I absolutely adored her and was there for her though.

Iím glad you had another hamster after their deaths as having Mitzi (my new hamster) it definitely gives you purpose again. It sound like Tody was very lucky to have found such a lovely owner! Definitely agree, thereís something very special about giving a hamster a great life. I think sometimes theyíre misunderstood creatures but when cared for they make absolutely fantastic companions. Iím happy after Remi and Amora died you continued to make other hamsters have brilliant lives too 😁
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