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Default Re: New Hamster Extremely Anxious

There will be more experienced people on here who will message but Iím about 6 weeks (maybe?) into owning Mitzi, a Syrian hamster I adopted at 3 months old also. Do not worry as itís the first day!

I also made a post around a week in as every time I put my hand near her she was like an Olympic high jumper. Theyíre just very nervous, new place, new smells, new people.

Just talk to him so he gets adjusted to your voice and slowly start introducing treats from your hand. It helps if you rub your hand on the bedding so the smell is more familiar.

Just as you say, leave him for about a week before doing drastic, but please donít worry in the meantime. Mitzi for me is still getting used to sitting in my hand, I can scoop her but as soon as she realises she jumps still 😂 she just has a box on her cage I use to transport her out the cage in so sheís not jumpy at all in that.

I had a Syrian before Mitzi as well and have had Russian dwarf and robos in the past but I would say I have a soft spot for Syrians. Once Lazslo becomes more adjusted hopefully youíll see what I mean!
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