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Default Re: Rabbit Cage Advice!

I donít know what advantages I get but I think I get some advantages on preloved for paying £5 which I did to message the lady I got Mitzi from. Iíll have to check but Iíll look into gumtree as well, I think from what Iíve seen rabbits are harder to rehome just because so many people are like myself where you get one without fully understanding the full spectrum of their needs.

When I was looking for Mitzi you see a lot of breeders with no qualifications to do so, but thereís not such a great number of hamsters just where someoneís got bored of theirs compared to rabbits. Hamsters go in a reasonable sized cage and can keep to theirselves so even if people get bored theyíre pretty simple in terms of care. Rabbits will chew your furniture, stomp their feet, ours send the ceramic feeding bowl flying. They demand attention and thereís loads to do.

Youíve got to get all their vaccines, neuter them, clean constantly, they want a lot more attention, cut their claws cut every other day. Again pet shops donít explain the half of it when you get them. I bought ours with a litter tray and water bottle to only find out youíre meant to use a cat litter tray as the rabbits ones are too small and never use a drinking bottle for a rabbit.

I read your thread on Ozzy the other day (I think you said he wasnít well I hope heís better now!) but again a pet shop giving incorrect information. If you hadnít of been there it would be another person having issues with a pet they werenít given correct information for. How can they expect people to make informed decisions on their welfare of an animal with incorrect information?!

I just wonder how much interest sheíll get because adoption centres are overflowing with rabbits and online people sell ones like lionheads which people see as cute small and fluffy.
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