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Default Re: Getting empty tank syndrome lol.

Hi Serendipity.

Yes I had already planned to put the house on the bottom of the tank as I could feel the weight of it when I opened it. I have put it next to the shelf so my new little one can climb up onto the shelf and then go onto the roof from there. I am going to use the roof as a 'treat station' so my new hamster will become aware that his/her treat is up there.

Regarding the mix, I was thinking is there anything else I needed to add to the mix. I'll have a look around for some Bunny Dream Dwarf Hamster mix when I get paid on the 21st (although will probably be the 19th as the 21st is a Sunday lol). Mealworms are easy for me to get and he/she will have a choice if it's a live one (with the head crushed) or a dried one. I'm guessing it's OK to give a live mealworm to a hamster - with the head crushed? I have done it before with a previous syrian I had.

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