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Default Re: I think my hamster has some health issues? I want to confirm

I am back from the vet. He didn't know what those bugs were in English, but he gave my hamster an injection and some spray. Told me to clean EVERYTHING with it and wait for 8 hours and then wash everything with hot water very carefully, because otherwise my hamster will die (If I don't clean his things very carefully with hot water).
He took a look at his skin and the bugs are sucking his blood and then asked me if I have any photos.
He also told me to put all the wooden things to the oven, praised me for using paper bedding and if I must use wooden bedding then it has to go to the oven first.
Also asked me where I bought the hamster etc. I don't know what shot he exactly got but he said it will kill all the bugs on him.
He said my hamster is as well. Anyways, after cleaning the cage and all of his things I have to go back in 3 weeks.

His squeaking was very quiet but he hasn't squeaked any more.

The thing is I've only seen bugs in his cage and the bugs are only in his nest. Nowhere else, so the bugs aren't everywhere.

He said that the bugs might have come from the store and he probably already had bugs when I bought him or from bedding, hay, food. Anywhere.

I hope I'll manage to clean his cage very well. It's certain that someone had sucked his blood, because I saw his skin as well.

Edit: Cleaned everything as best as I could, but took the house from the playpen (No bugs in his playpen nor the house).
I hope he'll be fine.

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