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Today is Thursday, last night I did another bin taming session with Star. I started by taking her out of her cage in a mug that she crawled into and then putting my hand at the opening of the cup, she happily crawled onto my hands and she ran along my two hands for about two minutes before she lightly scratched my finger with her teeth, not a bite more of a nibble, so I put her into the bin and let her chill out for a little bit in there with her wheel. In the taming bin which only has a little bedding for scent purposes the wheel is a little too high for her to climb on to. If she was trying to get on it I would put the cup in the taming bin and let her crawl in before putting my hand on the outside between the wheel and the cup so she would crawl out onto my hand to get to the wheel which she did with no hesitation. When she would try and get off the wheel I would place my hand at the opening of the wheel and she would crawl onto my hand to get down. In the taming bin she would run around and sniff my hands a little bit. After 15 minutes I put the cup back into the taming bin and she would crawl in and then I would carry her over to her cage and then I put my hand at the opening of the cup and she would crawl out and sit on my hand while I lowered her into the cage. After being in the cage she took two treats from me and continued to run around.

This morning she came out when she heard I was up and took a treat she would sniff my fingers but I was a little nervous that she was going to nibble my fingers as I was just holding the treat and so they would smell like the treat so I slowly moved my fingers but she didn't run away.

I think it is going well and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!! i hope this thread might help someone with their taming process.

PS: I saw her rolling around in her sand the last two days so I am so happy she is loving that!!!!
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