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Default Can someone tell me if I'm doing this whole taming thing correctly

So my new robo star has been here about 10 days now. The last two nights I have tried a taming tub with her, she obviously still scared and that's ok but tonight was confusing. I had my hand just resting in the taming tub and she nibbled my thumb (which I expected to happen at least once so thats ok) after that she sort of just ran around in the taming box inspecting my hands and she only took one treat from me tonight. Then after the taming I put her in the mug I used to transport her and when I was putting her back in the cage I put my hand under the mug, she crawled onto my hand happily and ran along my hands for a little before I put her in the cage.

I don't know what any of this means can someone tell me if this is progress or what ???
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