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Tonight is monday night, over the weekend she was still really good in the mornings with taking treats and more scared at night. Tonight while she was out I tried to put my hand in and give her a treat and she ran away so I tried turning on the light and she froze on the wheel. While she did not come to me and take the treat she did let me bring the treat to her and happily ate it while sitting on her wheel. I may try another 15 minute session once she emerges again tonight. I have a few questions for anyone willing to answer:

1. Is the whole her letting me bring the treat right up to her and then her taking it progression or what does that mean?
2. I've been thinking about doing a taming bin but am worried that she would be more scared with that, what are your opinions on taming bins for Robo hamsters, and is that a better method than trying in the cage? I understand how it can be good because they would always feel safe in the cage and the stressor would not be associated with the cage but how has that worked for others?

Thank you so much!!!

PS: I did get her a sand bath and she seems to be enjoying it she's never had sand before so I think she is just figuring out what to do with it.

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