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Default Re: My new hamster will not come out!

Thank you both 'BooTheFearless' and Ria - I thought I'd check in with a Pingado update.

Following both your advice I am been chatting away to Pingado every night (total rubbish but he listens more than my husband!) and although it's a low process - my slowest one to date - there has been progress. A few nights ago he sprang out of his house and seemed to forget he was meant to be scared and took fresh food from my hand and ate it in front of me before going home again.

Then both last night and this morning he came out, pottered around, ate from my hand and even made it up his wooden ladder to the open door. I couldn't quite persuade him out and he did nibble my knuckle which was painful but only because he wondered if it was edible and not in a malicious way. I can see he will be a slow burner but it is much better now I get to see him. My only problem now is that due to his nerves he has clearly been wee-ing in his house rather than outside (rather smelly) so I will need to change the sawdust underneath but not wanting to disturb him will have to take my time. I will put some of the dirty stuff back in the corner and hopefully he can be persuaded the use that location. It may be a while before I can get him out and swiftly do the deed.

Thanks again for the advice. Despite keeping hamsters for over 25 years there are clearly still many things still to be learnt and it is great to have other experienced owners to help - thank you.
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