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Hi all,

We went out today and we came across a rabbit that my partner could just not walk away from. They wouldn’t let us have her (understandably!) without showing proof of a cage so we’ve got a 5ft one second hand for now. Also I know you’re normally meant to get them in pairs but they said this one was better alone as she fought with the last rabbit she was enclosed with.

My partner was young when he last owned rabbits and I have never owned a rabbit. Some things he can’t remember and other things I just don’t think are quite right.

She’s ever so friendly and is running around the house freely right now. Quite surprisingly she’s hit it off with our cat and I’ve never seen our cat so relaxed!

I just wondered if there was any advice anyone knows of suitable cage sizes, chew toys, general toys, food, litter and bedding.

Probably a lot to ask at once but I just want to purchase the right things first time.

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