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I am relatively new to owning a Robo too. I've had Holly for around 3 months. Even now that I have managed to convince her I am not a hamster-eating ogre, she still runs away if I move too quickly or adjust something in her cage. It's taken a while to get her to take treats from my hand, and even now I have to be quite patient while she considers whether the treat is worth the risk of running up and taking it. I give her Rodipet food just now (about to switch to Bunny Dreams), and offer her the food in the scoop if she's up when I feed her - she seems to like that, and sometimes takes time out to sniff my fingers too.

Hope you manage to get a sandbath - Robos love their sand.

What I haven't yet dared to do is to put her in the playpen while I clean her cage. If she got out I'm not sure I would ever catch her; she moves like lightning! She's due a clean today, so I'm considering putting her in a large, heavy duty cardboard box with some toys, and see how she does.

It would be lovely to hear how you get on with Star. There is something very special about Robos, isn't there?
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