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Hello! I am new to Hamster Central and previously owned a Syrian hamster. Now I have a Robo hamster named Star. She is so cute and VERY different from my old Syrian I had. I decided to make this thread to a) keep a journal of sorts of my experience with her, mainly on taming her and b) so that if anyone has any advice I can be well informed on this new-to-me species c) if anyone out there also is new to owning a robo hamster they can see how it is for me.

heres the updates so far, i welcome all constructive criticism and advice

Wednesday - Monday:
I barely saw Star, she would spend all of her time in her burrow and she would run away when I came near her.

She ended up taking two treats from me and did not seem nearly as scared as she previously had, I was very proud of her and excited.

Today (wednesday): It has been a full week since I got her, tonight she seems more scared than yesterday and did not come to take treats from me. I am wondering if anyone knows if this is normal or should I be worried I have lost her trust tonight. If she does come and play tongiht I may try again or I may leave her to settle down again tonight. A little bit sad as I felt like we had made great progress last night and was hoping this would be consistent tonight.
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