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Default Re: accidentally scared new hamster

The robos I did have seemed to be pretty confident in their cage as I remember, I don’t know if it makes a difference that mine were males. Mine were also brothers I originally got them to keep in the same cage but they started fighting so had to be separated. I remember one being slightly calmer though and he would let me pick him up. The other one was constantly scatty until he got older.

So hopefully your hammie will gain confidence in time at least in the cage. She’s probably just loving the space and the freedom to burrow.

I did love my robos hand on heart. I personally found their size made it quite funny sometimes as they surprise you how little a gap they can fit through or how sneaky they can be. The reason I have Syrians now is just because they’re bigger and slower I can handle them easier.

As company goes though I still think robos are a good choice once they get confident. And I still believe yours will with time.
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