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Default Re: accidentally scared new hamster

Originally Posted by Lilafernim View Post
Iím not the best advice as I have not owned many hamsters. But when I was younger I used to have robos and they are lovely and funny.

Now Iím older Iíve got my second Syrian hamster currently, and personally I feel Syrians are more easy to handle and they tend to be slower so I find them easier to cuddle.

Robos have a way of being quicker and I donít really remember them ever sitting on me, they werenít afraid of me and would run all over me but they never really stopped. So in my opinion, I think there is a difference if your going from Syrians to robos.

That being said, Ria is absolutely right that all hamsters have different personalities. My first Syrian slept all the time and was very gentle, my second one seems very energetic and, like yourself, sheís still very new and jumpy. So there is nothing saying that your new robo wonít become more confident and like sitting in your hand.

The nervousness could definitely be the fact she is new, and whatever she is like now Iím sure in time she will become more confident than she is now.

Also, donít beat yourself up about scaring her, accidents happen and Iím a strong believer hamsters can understand our feelings so she probably knows you didnít mean it.

Just remember she is new, and if youíre used to Syrians I would say robos given their size and quickness, there is a different approach you take towards them so itís new ground for both of you.

It sounds like youíre doing great though, good luck to the both of you 🐹
Hi! Thank you so much for your help <3 I have accepted that she may not get to a place where she is comfortable to be handled frequently but we shall see I got her mainly as I will be living alone and I wanted a companion and having had hamsters before I figured she would be great! I am wondering if I should have gotten a syrian as I am more used to them, but with her i only really want her not to be afraid of me and to play in her cage a little more rather than staying in the burrows and the hideouts so I can see her
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