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Default Re: My new hamster will not come out!

Dear Ria

Thanks so much for your reassuring reply. I had Googled and I read 2 weeks but but I was hoping for some interim improvement!

I forgot to say that Pingado was also squeaking like yours when he arrived! I'll definitely try the soft paper trick, in fact I had to do that with a previous one a few years ago but had forgotten all about it.

Re. his name - I'd like to say it was a Shakespearian or Operatic name but I'm not that educated! A number of our boys have been named after places we visited (not sure why) and as we finally managed to get to Portugal last month, I wanted a Portuguese name but didn't think any of the obvious ones suited him. In the end my husband mentioned our favourite supermarket there - Pingo Doce and I thought of a Portuguese coffee called a Pingado! Past hamsters (first 3 were female and the rest all males) have been - in order of arrival - Cranberry, Coral, Skye, Ember, Mr Jingles, Fernando, Jose, Jasper, Milford, Brockley, Washington and most recently Sydney!
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