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Default Re: My new hamster will not come out!

Hello and welcome to HC!

As you know, all hamsters have different personalities and Pingado may be a bit more timid and reserved than your previous hamsters.

One week is a short time and it can take a lot longer than that for a hamster to get used to his new surroundings and gain enough confidence to face the humans.

I have a Syrian who never comes out of his house during the day and has an en suite toilet in his guinea pig sized house with a lift off roof so i can spot clean his toilet without disturbing his nest. He screeched the house down when he first arrived so i left him alone for the first couple of weeks.

Some hamsters just need more time and we need to be more patient while trying not to compare them with others.

I'd put a big heap of torn into strips plain white toilet paper outside of his house. Add some paper that had been up your sleeve for a few hours too. Hamsters love building nests and he may get tempted into coming out to get some, if not then he'll get it after dark.

Just keep talking to him for another week so he gets to know your voice.

He is a lovely looking hamster and i like his name a lot.

Did you make it up yourself?
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