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Default My new hamster will not come out!

Hello all, I have kept Syrian hamsters for over 25 years and a week ago got my 13th hammy - Pingado - a male short haired, banded Syrian (black and white with black eyes). I love hamsters - I work from home and all of mine have come out often in the day for treats despite being nocturnal! I consider myself fairly experienced in looking after hamsters and have managed to tame all my hamsters so that they are happy to be held, sit on my shoulder and even in one case would walk up and rattle his door to be let out... until now!

Pingado was about 9 weeks old and had only been in the shop (where I bought them in the past) for the 2 day quarantine period. He has not been socialised by the staff as not there long enough. I bought him home in my carry container and like they normally do, he spent an hour wizzing around his new house, discovering everything and rolling in his sand bath. In the evening he was running in his wheel. Then nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I have had him for exactly 7 days and we have seen him about 3 times, very briefly. He literally does not come out at all when we are there. I spend every evening talking to him gently to get used to my voice, have not attempted to get him out (as can never see him). He seems terrified but is obviously eating, drinking and playing in his sand bath. It is not possible to get him used to me as we never see him. He is kept exactly as I have kept all the others. I am worried that I now have a hamster that will in effect be invisible for the next 2.5 years or so.

I know not to lift his house up (has a wooden house with front opening made by my husband). I am at a loss to know what to do. I have put a little fresh food in front of his door to tempt him out - he eats it eventually, very often when we are not there.

Any advice very gratefully received (pic taken on his arrival!).
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