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Default My Hamster ate IVY, will she make it???

When i let my hamster out to explore my room today she found a withered ivy leaf on the ground that i had somehow missed when vacuuming and preparing the floor for her . She munched on it a little before i immediately stopped her, but she has put that teeny bit of withered ivy leaf in her pouch and wont take it out.

Can anyone tell me if her eating just a teeny bit (abt 3x3 mm to 5x4 mm) of a WITHERED ivy leaf is gonna be fatal? I know ivy isnt safe for hamsters and easily causes poisoning for any species, but i just want to know what to expect if she eats just a tiny bit of a withered ivy leaf, as opposed to a fresh leaf. Will she get poisoning? Will she die? Is a vet required? Iím leaving on vacation tomorrow morning, so she will be with a pet sitter.
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