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Default Re: Selective eating.

Iv kept hamsters for years along with horses, dogs etc and all mine have lived beyond the usual estimated age! Bella is now 4yrs 3mths. Long healthy life is down to wat they eat snd the environment they live in! My hamsterd have all been fed on the same diet.
Firstly they get fed a weighed out amount of food everyday, Bella gets 11g - 12g of food per day of complete hamster nuggets (6g) and 3g of a high quality musilli and topped up with either fresh fruit /veg/ boiled egg / chichen / wholemeal toast or shop brought hammy treats. Precise weight of food i find stops the selection feeding as they near enough eat it all. I have also religiously always supplemented there diet with ' beaphar hamster vitamin solution' which they get once a week left in for 2days.
I dont know anyone that feeds like me and i understand it is time consuming yet i also dont no of anyones hamsters and everyone they've owned living to around the 6yr mark!

I advise you to buy this, the difference ull see in ur hammy will be obvious and makes sure that selective eaters are getting all the vitamins and additives they need. I only give it once a week because of the way I feed her so i suggest you feed it twice a week left in for 2 nights. I use a separate water bottle so shes got both normal water and vitamin water, goes for vitamin 8 out of 10 times. It doesnt smell all that good but who cares we arnt drinking it and its whats good for the animal that matters!
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