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Default Re: Tuftyfluff hamsters still in business?

I want to add also, why do pet shops not just do big standard cages that are the right dimensions?!

Half the ones that exist should be illegal. I worry about mine being small and tall but itís not far off, the height is the main issue. Iíve seen Syrians in awfully small cages! And pet shops call it acceptable.

Sometimes I wish if I had the tools Iíd open my own hamster business, no dodgy cages with circus designs and rainbows. Same for hamster treats, like my hamster loved dandelion, and dried dandelion came in a bag with mostly grass! Or yogurt drop high in fat.

Just wish they did the appropriate sizes, with natural accessories. Houses that are made with appropriate glues. Bar spacing appropriate or glass with proper ventilation. Just donít understand how some are deemed acceptable.
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