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Default Re: Tuftyfluff hamsters still in business?

Yeah, I do agree about getting a new cage. Like I say I did make it so she would be able to explore and have access to it all but like you say, I was always uncomfortable with the height, and the overall size.

And the depth also. I ended up making a separate box out of wood for when I got her out so she had a burrow space somewhere at least without taking more space up in her cage.

I took all the tubes out for that exact reason as well, I did from day one and blocked the holes. Made bridges instead again out of wood and string so would act as entertaining too.

I put the home on the second shelf and I did worry about that personally. But I made her a ramp to get down easily and she always used the top left corner on the floor so it never became an issue.

I did always want to change the cage, but I wanted to wait for the perfect one and her floor space ended up not being a huge issue as minimum I used to let her out for two hours a night, either running around freely (never used exercise ball) or sitting watching a film with us. By the time she went back in her cage sheíd run on her wheel (which is the correct size) and end up getting tired by the time Iíd go bed too. Some nights I even got up at two am just to get her out for another half hour.

The main problem I have is Iím in a small flat, and my room doesnít have much floor space. So I want something deeper, and bigger floor space but not guinie pig cage size. Iíll look into the ones you suggested thank you for them

I have thought before I might just make one of those bin cages, since Iím so picky I am quite creative so would be fun. Just I know it can be fiddily but Iím considering it. That way I know everything will be perfect. What do you think about these?

I agree with the substrate too, and spot cleaning. I know it stresses them out if it all changes at once and itís a good point that in this case, more is better.

Iím very excited to get a new little furry friend, but you are absolutely right. Iíd be happier too knowing there was a home ready. I guess I was just going to use the same one but thatís what got me into this problem of not getting a new one because I thought the stress of changing would upset the hammie. So Iíd be silly to do that again.

Thank you for all the brilliant advice. Iíll look for that cage anyway, maybe someone will be selling second hand?
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