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Default Re: Say hello to Pip (Aka Pipkin)

Thanks for that Luna - so sounds like they vary - and I need to find his favourite food.

I think he is well and truly settled in his cage now - itís a mess lol. He continues to poop a lot - seems to think the hemp mats are toilets. Masses of teeny poops! Food scattered round the bowl. Heís dragged a chew twice the size of him from the shelf onto the floor of the cage.

And it seems he has been in the egg box hammock! Which was there as a safety net in the unlikely situation that he climbed to the roof and monkey barred across the cage. Itís too high for him to get into but itís now tilted down at one end (perhaps he reached across from the shelf) and he has transported some linseeds from the other side of the cage and deposited them in the hammock.

I shall have to look at the hamstercam recordings and see what heís been up to. I think heís been on the large hammock as well - up near the roof - the odd seed on there. That doesnít matter as he can only get onto a shelf from there and no drop.

But if heís using them I might need another bigger hammock than the egg box one which could tip him out (although not that far and only onto the cork) or he could fall between the gap between the hammock and egg box. Not too far but the cork piece is there rather than just substrate. I donít think itís an injury risk but would like it a bit more secure if heís going to use them.
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